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Why Royal Emerald Designs?

Aside for traveling and blogging in general, I also have a passion for planning, event decoration and digital art. I started my Etsy shop, Royal Emerald Designs, back in 2017. I had lots of fun planning and working on all the decorations for our wedding and I needed a channel to showcase my creativity after the big day was over. Plus, I won’t lie, the extra income was also motivating!

Back then, I was working full time and pursuing my master’s degree; surprisingly I started to sell a lot. There was barely any time left to work on all the orders , so I decided to temporarily close the shop and focus on school.

Fast forward to 2020, and given the suddenly overwhelming amount of free time in my hands (we all know what happened!), I decided to give Royal Emerald Designs another chance. Just like with The L Axis, I do not have a niche. I follow my inspiration and try to create custom and elegant designs for every occasion.

I am currently focusing on growing my digital collection, so if you have any events coming up or have any home decoration signs in mind. Let me know! Custom orders are my favorite!

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