How our drone got us in (serious) trouble

How a drone can get you in trouble
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Miami is always a good idea, that’s why today I am sharing a quick video of gorgeous Downtown Miami. But before we go right into the video, I also wanted to share a lesson we learned the first time we ventured out to play with our “new toy”.

My husband and I bought a DJI Mavic Mini this year. We flew it for the first time right behind the Perez Art Museum in Downtown Miami. Sunny Sunday morning, perfect weather and ideal location.

Less than 5 minutes into the flight we had the FBI looking for us. YES, the FBI! It was not only the FBI though, along came the Miami-Dade Police Department and the Federal Aviation Association (FAA)! Turned out it was the week right before the Super Bowl LIV and there were several events going on in the area. We were inadvertently flying in a temporarily restricted area. The city was concerned about safety and had closed the aerial perimeter for a few days.

We didn’t know how to act when we saw all these armed people coming our way. Thankfully after an hour of interrogation and investigation, we were good to go.

They issued us a warning and we learned a new lesson: always check AirMap any other similar website before flying a drone to make sure you are not flying illegally. Usually the app that comes with the drone will alert you of any restrictions, but somehow we missed that!

We also learned that the government has systems in place to detect even the lightest moving aerial objects. This is great news if you think about your safety at large gatherings and public events.

To make the day even more memorable, the moment where the FBI approached us was caught on camera. We highlighted it at the end of the very short video we managed to capture from above. Here it is, enjoy!

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