South Pointe Park: ultimate guide to the most beautiful park in Miami, FL

South Pointe Park Ultimate Guide
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After living in Miami for 11 plus years, I can confidently say South Pointe Park is one of my favorite outdoor areas. The park is located at the southern tip of the Miami Beach island. It is one of the best free things to enjoy in the city. It features a “very South Beach” atmosphere and offers panoramic views of the skyline, the cruise terminal, Biscayne Bay and the famous Fisher Island.

If you’re planning to spend a few hours in what’s probably the prettiest spot in SoBe (South Beach), this guide is for you. Here I list all the important information needed for a successful visit. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for details on how to get there, where to eat, and the best times to visit.

Let’s start with the best things to do in South Pointe Park!

Enjoy the view of Miami Beach from the South Pointe Pier

It’s hard to compete with South Pointe, the park is beautiful, clean, modern and has a really nice beach and pier! From the pier you can soak in one of the best views of Miami Beach, full of sunbathers and luxurious hotels. Fishing is also allowed here and make sure to check out the Art Deco style design right at the pier gate.

Fun fact: The City of Miami Beach spent $4.8 million to build the pier – you can check it out and walk on it for free!

View of Miami Beach from the South Point Pier
View of Miami Beach from South Pointe Pier
South Pointe Pier entrance
Rare view of the pier – it is never this empty!

Relax at the South Pointe beach

This an obvious one, after you stroll along the park, you can simply relax at the beach. But it is a lot more special than it seems; the way I like to see it, you’re at the very tip of the map. My husband says I’m crazy, but if you don’t believe me…just google the map.

There is nothing around you but the ocean on both sides when you are at South Pointe Beach. It is also connected to the pathways leading to Lummus Park and the Boardwalk, you can easily walk along the coast from here.

Miami Beach during Sunrise
Sunrise at the beach – waking up at 5:30 AM is totally worth it!

Have a picnic & enjoy the ocean views

Further down, I will be mentioning what I consider to be the best restaurants near South Pointe Park, but to have the full “local” experience, consider having a picnic. You can bring your own food or choose take out from one of the restaurants around.

As you can see in the photos below, there is a huge green area in the park, and there are often groups of friends and families enjoying some quality time and even celebrating special occasions like baby showers and birthdays.

Contrary to other areas of Miami Beach (like the heart of Ocean Drive) South Pointe is filled with locals, which makes the experience more authentic and relaxing.

View of Fisher Island & Picnic area from the park
Don’t forget to bring your hammock if you have one!
Picnic area in South Pointe
This is the picnic area in South Point Park

Indulge in some people (and cruise) watching

As I mentioned before, South Pointe Park is filled with locals, which means is the perfect spot to admire the cultural diversity of Miami. That is a fancy way of saying “people watching at its best.”

Don’t miss the slack-line performers that gather here in the afternoons to practice!

Slack Line performers in Miami Beach
Don’t miss the slackliners!

Aside from the many and unique characters of the city, South Point is also the perfect spot to witness the cruise ships going in and out of the terminal. Miami is known as the Cruise terminal of the world, so it means you will see all class of ships sailing through the Government Cut canal.

Insider tip: For the best cruise watching experience and photo opportunity visit on a Sunday afternoon (around 4-5 PM), this is the most popular sail day for the main three cruise lines. Passengers aboard the ships will be enjoying their “sail away party” and the energy is felt all over the park. Don’t be embarrassed to wave back!

Have a peak at America’s richest ZIP code

Yes, you read that right! With a mind-blowing average annual income of $2.2 million, Fisher Island is the country’s wealthiest zip code. You need to hop your car on a private ferry & have authorization to get in, but from South Pointe Park you can have a peak at the country’s wealthiest households. Not that you will see anything too close or too different, but at least you can say you’ve seen it!

View of Fisher Island from South Pointe
View of Fisher Island from South Pointe

Go for a workout

Aside from the beach and the picnics, locals and tourists alike come to the South Pointe Park to work out. At least that’s always my excuse to go (we never end up working out, though).

The park offers an ocean front paved walkway, that is good for biking, skate boarding and of course, running (or just walking). Here you can also find the Miami Beach mountain!

Okay, just kidding! Miami is flat out FLAT…but we do have a man-made little hill in South Pointe Park—or maybe I should say platform?—which you can climb to get your work out in and enjoy a better view of the ocean. This is also a popular spot to practice yoga.

Ultimate guide to South Pointe Park 4
The only “mountain” in all of Miami can be found here

 Rent a Citi bike

If we are talking about working out, let’s also mention Citi Bikes.

Citi Bikes are popular all over Miami Beach. Right at the entrance of South Pointe Park (where the main parking lot is) you can find Citi Bike Station 102. Bikes are $4.50 for 30 mins or $10 for a two hours pass. Right next to the beach and the pier you can find Citi Bike Station 101.

What this means is that you can get a bike at the entrance and ride it all the way to the Pier, and then return it before getting in the water. This is one of my favorite activities to do in the park, and all over Miami Beach.

Riding a Citi Bike in Ocean Drive – this day we rented the bike in South Pointe Park and went all the way to Lincoln Road Mall (17 blocks up north)

Insider tip: If you are planning to drive to get to South Point and like the idea of renting a bike, read the “Where to Park” section at the bottom of this post for some parking/biking tips.

Walk west to the Miami Beach Marina and rent a jet ski

From the park entrance you can easily walk (or bike) further west to reach the marina (0.5 miles/10 mins walking). The walk is totally worth it since you can appreciate the luxurious boats, but it becomes a lot more exciting if you’re renting a jet ski.

The allowed riding zone if you get a jet ski is approximately 5 miles around the marina, but if you join a tour you can cover up to 45 miles of water. This is by no means a sponsored post, but we had a great experience with this company, so here is their website in case you’re interested.

PS: if you end up renting a jet ski you can get close to Star Island, where many famous people like JLo and Madonna have their Miami Mansions.

Enjoy the Miami Sunset from South Pointe Park

Given that a portion of the park faces the west, South Pointe Park offers one of the best locations to watch the sunset in Miami Beach. And it’s absolutely free to enjoy!

You can come in before the expected sunset time, walk around the park, stay for the magnificent views, and then have dinner in one of the nearby restaurants I will be mentioning below.

Ultimate guide to South Pointe Park 5
How gorgeous is the sunset view from here?

Bring your pet to the South Pointe Dog Park

The park is pet friendly, especially if your best friend is a dog. You will see people taking a stroll with their leashed pets along both the paved promenade and green areas.

Yet, there is also a great off-leash area, look for the grassy section on the southwest side of the Washington Avenue entry plaza. We don’t have a dog, but we have stopped a few times just outside the South Pointe Dog Park to watch them play.

Have a Photoshoot

I am leaving this one for last because I understand this might not be of interest to everyone. However, due to the scenery, this is an extremely popular location for all kinds of photoshoots. From engagement photos to your very own DIY photoshoot with a tripod. The possibilities here are endless and up to your creativity. A popular area to capture some great photos is the rocky pier right next to the South Pointe Pier.

Tips for your visit to the park

Best time of the day to visit South Pointe Park

Hands down the best times of the day to visit South Point Park are either early in the morning or right before Sunset. You will beat both the crowds and the heat, it can get really hot during the summer. In my opinion, the best time to visit Miami is between late September and March, to avoid the raining season and enjoy cooler temperatures.

How to get to South Pointe Park

The 17-acre urban park is located in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach and it is the southernmost point of the city. You have three options to get there:

Option 1: Take the Free Miami Beach Trolley Service

You can get to the park for free if you take the Miami Beach Trolley. Depending on where you’re coming from in Miami Beach you might need to transfer in order to get to South Pointe, but your goal is to take one of the three South Beach Trolley Loops.

They all stop in S Pointe Drive and Washington Avenue (Stops ID 151 & 116), from here it is a short walk to South Pointe Park. You can learn more about the Free Miami Beach Trolley Loops here.

Option 2: Take an Uber or Lyft from anywhere in Miami

Uber & Lyft are both extremely popular and accessible in all of Miami.

Mind you, if you are taking an Uber the address provided by Google is the address of the restaurant that is situated inside the park (Smith & Wollensky). If you start here and walk to the pier you will miss around 40% of the park.

If you want to cover the entire park from one end to the other you should ask your driver to drop you off outside the Apogee Condominium, which is right next to the park entrance.

Apogee Condominium right at the entrance of the Park (use this address instead of the one provided by Google): 800 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Map of South Pointe Park - Address
If you use the address provided by Google you will miss almost half of the park…The official address will take you to Smith & Wollensky

Option 3: Drive to get to the park

Since we live in the city, we always drive in order to get to the park. The most challenging part about driving is finding parking.

*Read my notes above in Option 2 to make sure you have the right address

Where to park in South Pointe Park

There is a parking lot right at the entrance of the park but parking is $20 flat fee. This can be expensive if you are just coming here for a few hours to then move to a different location and pay another $20. In addition, the lot is usually full, which means that you will have to work some magic.

Here are my tips for finding parking & saving money (I should probably say tip #1 is being patient)

Download the ParkMobile App to pay for parking and drive around to find street parking, which is considerably cheaper. These are the spots where we usually find street parking close to the park:

  • Commerce Street Outside of Planta South Beach Restaurant (850 Commerce St, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – 2 mins walk to the South Pointe Entrance)
  • Around the South Shore Beach Library (131 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – 5 mins walk to the South Pointe Entrance)
  • Small Parking lot next to South Pointe Elementary School (401 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – 15 mins walk to the South Pointe Entrance)
    • This one is a little further away from the park but there is ALWAYS parking here. If you are not in a rush, it is a nice walk from here to the park or you can rent a bike and ride to South Pointe. Citi Bike Station 111 is right next to the parking lot!

Best restaurants near South Pointe Park

Food & Drinks

  • Call me Gaby: This is one of my favorites, I’ve never seen it too crowded yet their food is delicious and the atmosphere is just charming. Their pizza is great!
Ultimate South Pointe Park Guide
Call me Gaby is one of my favorite restaurants in the area – maybe because of all their pillows
  • Smith & Wollensky: probably the most popular one, it’s right inside South Pointe Park. Famous for their steaks and ocean views. My husband doesn’t like it because of the crowds but they offer a great sunset view.
  • Joe’s Stone Crab: another famous one with a great reputation, which means you have to wait (restaurant does not take reservations). Consider the Joe’s to go (right next door & owned by the same company) for stone crab at about half the price! 
  • Monty’s Sunset: the food & drinks here are okay but the locations is superb! It is right next to the Miami Beach Marina (if you rent a jet ski this is the place to stop for some drinks and to watch the sunset after returning).
  • Nikki Beach Miami: one of the most popular spots in all of South Beach is right next to South Pointe Park, this is a beach club, with a DJ usually playing live music.

Quick bites & desserts

  • 4D Gelateria: Our go to place every time we visit South Pointe. Right at the entrance of the park. Gelato is not cheap here but it’s the best way to start the afternoon.
  • Lilikoi Organic Living: little organic café offering healthy meals with a quick service and cute beach vibe atmosphere. It is right next to the gelato place mentioned above.
  • South Pointe Park Snack Shop: this is a little café (more like a kiosk) inside the park, right next to the bathrooms and the outdoor splash zone. Great for refreshments and gelato pops.
  • Pura Vida Café: Another healthy meal café, serving breakfast all day long. Great juices, pastries and coffee, with lots of vegan options.

If I still have not convinced you to check out South Pointe Park, here is a quick 1-minute drone video we recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep in mind that this is a rare sight of the park, since it is NEVER this empty!

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    1. Hi Leigh! Thank you for reading, glad you found it helpful. Yes, South Pointe on a Sunday afternoon is paradise for cruise lovers. Hopefully they start sailing soon & and you guys can go on one. The view as you’re leaving Miami is also stunning!

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